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Media Outreach

Media Outreach

Alcantara. 2022 (January). Time to put action behind university land acknowledgements [digital magazine article]. Policy Options: Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Alcantara, Berg and Nelles. 2017 (October). Promoting Tribal & Community Cooperation [magazine article]. Public Management, 10-12.

Deaton and Lipka. 2016 (September 5th). Trudeau's water promise to First Nations is ours to own [op-ed]. Globe and Mail. 

Alcantara and Nelles. 2016. Transforming the Indigenous-Canadian Government Relationship from the Bottom Up [video, closed captions provided]. Synopsis of A Quiet Evolution: The Emergence of Indigenous-Local Intergovernmental Relations in Canada, by Christopher Alcantara and Jen Nelles (2016, Toronto: University of Toronto Press). 

Lipka. 2015 (November 25th). CBC Radio Up North Interview [mp3]. 

CBC Radio Up North (clip) - November 25th 2015
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Transcript available here: 

Alcantara. 2014 (March 5th). First Nation Communities Should Explore Municipal Partnerships [op-ed]. Waterloo Region Record. 

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